A Sri Lankan Adventure

25/07/14-16/08/14 these 3 weeks of my life is a period that I will never forget. I went on a trip with Girlguiding UK to do a service project in Sri Lanka. The service project involved teaching English to a school of children from a very deprived area near Colombo and also working on elephant conservation site!

Here are the top 10 things that I’ve done whilst being in Sri Lanka:
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Tomorrow, what do you hold for me?

Is it a snuggy hug 


a kick in the teeth?

Afraid I am to meet you 

but excited I am to high five you.


Tomorrow, what do you plan for me?

Is it an endless laughter 


a stream of tears?

Reluctant I am to wonder

but curious I am to know.


Tomorrow, what will you throw at me?

Is it a bag of creamy toffee


 a tube of bogie-flavoured jellybean?

Hesitant I am to swallow 

but prepared I am to endure.


Tomorrow, how are you going to treat me?

Don’t answer!

I’m telling you this:

However afraid, reluctant or heaitant I am,

I will walk into you-

death be the end of me if I don’t!



Why choices are hard and ultimately how you’ll be happy either way

Definitely worth watching!


Some really fascinating videos from TED here. As usual I was watching them while making a batch of muffins and eating the batter raw.

What? It’s brain food. And I’m sure I could find a TED video that explains why judging other people for their muffin batter eating habits is a bad idea. You know it’s out there…

1. How to make hard choices – Ruth Chang

This video explains why choices are hard – because we think there is one ‘right’ answer. There isn’t. Or rather, there isn’t one system we can all use to tell whether a choice is right or wrong. We make our own criteria, and therefore our own right or wrong choices. Although, lawyer versus philosopher? There’s definitely a right choice there.

2. The surprising nature of happiness – Dan Gilbert

This is the really reassuring one. You know that tough decision you had to…

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